About Permanent Makeup & Lashes

Makes getting ready a breeze!

Permanent Makeup & Eyelash Extensions cut your getting ready time down to nothing. Spend your time figuring out your wardrobe because you face is already fashion forward the minute you wake up.

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What's my downtime for permanent makeup?

Procedure area will be a little darker and look larger for a few days but quickly heal to the look you've wanted.  It's normal to expect at least one touchup within 4-6 weeks. Want thicker eyeliner? No problem, come back anytime within 6 months and additional touchups are only $50 each. 

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"Jane is wonderful in every way." 

"Reili is just the best. Hands down. Search no more."

" Cathy's expertise, enthusiasm and personality make her the best in the business!"

" Experience and knowledge in services provided is key and that is what you can expect here."

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Ask about our Groupon Eyeliner Special

Check out our special for eyeliner on Groupon! $100 for upper or lower permanent eyeliner and $199 for both upper and lower!

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Are lash extensions safe?

When applied properly by a licensed professional with proper training, proper equipment and quality products...yes we have all three...

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