What is Dermatude Metatherapy?

 Meta Therapy works by creating invisible micro perforations in the skin in a quick, safe, and painless way. This stimulates the natural healing mechanism to produce collagen and elastin, which repair the micro-perforations. This is a completely natural process. The skin becomes more firm and more elastic. Fine lines and wrinkles fade, pores refine, the blood circulation is stimulated and the overall skin condition improves. Results can be seen after just one treatment! The micro perforations reach the basal cell layer, where new cells are created. There is no chance on the forming of subcutaneous scar tissue. Meta Therapy is extremely effective and safe. There are no short or long-term adverse effects with repeated applications. 

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Dermatude, Lightwave LED & Microneedling

What do these services have in common? They rebuild your skin from the inside out. Dermatude is our go-to to reverse signs of aging such as lines, wrinkles, age spots, skin laxity and unsightly pores. This is the #1 Anti-aging treatment in Europe and for good reasons- there is virtually no downtime, most clients see a visible difference with each session and there are no side effects. One sesssion starts reversing the signs of aging by stimulating the body's own healing response and building new collage, elsastin and skin stem cells and a series can take your skin back a decade. This is known as a Face-Lift Alternative.

Microneedlng can be combined with Dermatude and is our go-to for acne scars or other scars. Microneedling works similar to Dermatude and can literally flatten out scars and smooth out skin. 

Lightwave Professional LED Therapy is the stuff Star Trek is made of. Using light energy to stimulate collagen, elastin and new skin stem cells, LED Therapy diminishes fine lines, softens wrinkles and elminate age spots, tightens unsightly pores and skin appears smoother- more radiant. 

LED is a great stand alone treatment when done in a series or works well combined with either Dermatude or Microneedling. 

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We'd all like to believe in fairy tales and the best one of all is where a magic cream or procedure will unwind years of damage to your skin let's be real...Rome wasn't built in a day and your wrinkles won't go away in one either...


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We love Neogenesis Products and you will too! Online orders receive free shipping for orders over of $150 or more. Neogenesis is a simple line that delivers amazing results. 

 NeoGenesis offers a line of non-toxic, organic skincare products that include: A gentle Cleanser for all skin types and conditions, unique serums that promote healthy, radiant skin as well as faster healing, Moisturizers for enhanced hydration and barrier repair, and Hair products for healthier looking hair, including the head, lashes and brows. 

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